Driver Permissions

There are two levels of permissions you can set for driver accounts;
Trusted Driver and Driver. The key difference between a driver and a trusted driver is that trusted drivers have permission to delete routes that have been assigned to them. Standard drivers cannot delete assigned routes from their account.

Favorites, Schedules, and History items cannot be deleted by any drivers, as they are common throughout the whole Team.

Newly created accounts are at the Driver permission level by default

Driver (default)Trusted Driver
Create/Edit Assigned Routes
Create/Edit Favorites
Create/Edit Schedules
Create/Edit History
Delete Assigned Routes
Delete Favorites
Delete Schedules
Delete History

Permissions can be edited from the Drivers page. Select a driver account from your list, then use the Driver Status dropdown to change from the current permission level. Make sure to save the changes after making any edits here.

The following video details how to edit driver permissions in the Team web app.