May 2018 Update 1

New Features

  • Default service times
    • Both stops and favorites can now be set to 'default' or 'override'
    • Default means that the stop will use the service time that you choose in settings when optimized
    • Override means that the stop will use the specified service time
    • For example, if 4 stops in a route are set to use default, and your default service time in the app is 10 minutes, those stops will have a 10 minute service time when you optimize.
    • If you then changed the default service time in the app to 20 minutes and optimized, those 4 stops would then have a 20 minute service time.
    • Leaving an upload service time blank will now be set to use default rather than 30 minutes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where setting hard start date in Get Route would default to the current date/time vs. the previous hard start date/time
  • Fixed bug with .gpx uploads where location would not be added despite success message
  • Fixed bug with new favorite pin images