April 2018 Update

New Features

  • Updates to push system
    • Important: assigning routes no longer pushes the route to driver phones
    • In order to push routes to drivers, please tap the "Push Route" button in the planner, or in the route view. The "Push Route" button will show after making a change to the route, such as adding a stop.
    • Push notifications in browser
      • When you start up Team Road Warrior, you will be prompted to allow push notifications. This lets us sync immediately when data is synced from a driver app. Currently this happens either on a manual sync or checkin, but we are working on adding more scenarios as well.
  • Team RoadWarrior API: We are happy to announce the BETA of our API. API access is available in beta for active Teams.
    • Documentation - API docs are available at: https://teamapi.roadwarrior.co/
    • Authentication - see API docs above, in the Team dispatcher app, tap the Settings Gear, then go to API. You will be able to view your client id and client secret, as well as regenerate new credentials
    • Available APIs: At the moment, we are starting off with the ability to Add favorites and soon create new routes with locations. There is also an API for listing and adding schedules. We will be adding more APIs as time goes on.
    • Feedback - we value your feedback, if you come across any bugs or have any features that you think should be implemented, then please let us know by clicking the support button at the top of the Team dispatcher web app.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug causing stops to sometimes not to show up in routes pushed to drivers